Cancer. When I hear that word, so many thoughts run through my mind. I think about how many people in my life that have been affected with cancer. Cancer sucks, and it steals from us the precious time we need with our loved ones. Back in September of 2015 IContinue Reading

A few days ago I went to my very first Ice Hockey game, I’ve always been a fan of Hockey, one of my favourite movies is Mighty Ducks (who doesn’t love that movie?) My 10 year old nephew is a massive Ice Hockey fan as well…. I don’t know ifContinue Reading

Valentines Day is coming up in a few days (14th February to be exact) Here are a variety of unique and cute date ideas to help you create new memories with your partner whether it is for Valentines Day or your weekly date night or you haven’t had a dateContinue Reading

Over the weekend, I went to the city with my boyfriend just to hang out and chill. We both decided to go and see a movie Instant Family starring Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne “Instant Family is about married couple Pete and Ellie who are feeling a void in theContinue Reading

Since this is a brand new blog (sort of… well for most of you anyway) so I thought I would introduce myself 1.I was born in 1991 2.I’m Left Handed, when I was kid people thought I was weird/freak. 3. I’ve been with my boyfriend since 2014 4. I don’tContinue Reading

This time of year is always a crazy time its after Christmas, New years everyone is either quitting their jobs or starting new ones or going back to school or just starting starting school for the first time and it’s just so exhausting sometimes you just need 5 minutes toContinue Reading

I can’t believe I am here. I’ve wanted this for so long well I did have this, but sadly with having a domain you can have issues with your hosts and I just got so frustrated with my last host so I decided to move but then had more issuesContinue Reading