As an essential worker during this Covid-19 pandemic, I’ve been working long hours, most days are bust and can be really stressful so after a long day I just want to go to bed. Here are my tips to relax after a long day.

Disclamier I’m not an expert nor am I licensed mental health therapist. These are tips that I have tried and I personally find helpful. Fore more information or to find assistance go to

1. Go to bed early
It’s hard to relax when you’re so busy, isn’t it? But one thing that is so important that we don’t do enough of is get enough sleep Be sure to try and get enough sleep at night, if you can’t sleep, I find drinking some sleep tea and listening to some calming music
Comment down below if you want a Night Time Routine.

2. Write in your journal
I recently took up journaling, I should make a post about that one day. I mostly just write down my feelings, sometimes I would find random pics online and print them and post them in my journal, kinda like Pinterest (just the old fashioned way)

2. Watch Netflix
With online streaming we are definitely spoiled for choice, here in Australia we have Netflix, Stan, Disney+, Amazon Prime, 7Plus, 10 All Access, plus many many more. Find a great full good movie or tv series and just chill out

4. Take a bath
– Get some bubble bath, or a bath bomb fill the tub with warm water, put on some netflix and drink wine, or a face mask and just unwind and relax. Warm water is I find a great way to soothe and loosen tight muscles. I also just love that feeling out getting out of the tub, feeling all clean and putting on warm PJs. I’m sure I’m not the only one?

5. Get Food Delivered
Who really wants to cook dinner after a long day. I would definitely order Uber Eats, or anything I can get delivered. In my area we aren’t too spoiled for choice, I usually would get some Pizza (oh good is Pizza though?)

6.Work On Your Breathing
If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed, especially after a long day at work or just running errands, just stop for a second and breathe. Practice the technique of taking in a very long deep breath by inhaling and counting slowly to 10, then exhaling and doing the same count.
Do this a couple times a day or even throughout the day/night and you’re almost guaranteed to feel better!
If you are having trouble focusing on your breathing techniques, there are plenty of videos on Youtube and apps. I use my Fitbit Versa 2

7. Disconnect
Get home from a long day, don’t bring your work home, just unwind, put your phone on airplane mode, light some candles, read a book or listen to music.

8. Colour in an Adult Colouring Book
I picked some up from Kmart (Australia) a while go, I’ve always loved to colouring books even when I was a child, they are so calming and simple. Adult coloring books are the perfect source for distracting your brain and allowing you to be mindful while focusing on coloring in the abstract patterns and shapes. After a busy and stressful day, I’m sure the last thing you want to do is sit down and keep thinking about the stressful situations that you endured.
It is such a good and therapeutic way to ‘turn off your brain’ and de-stress.

9.Play Computer Games
Another way I like to relax and unwind is to play Computer Games, I love playing Sims 4. I can get very carried away and play for hours and hours, so I like to set a timer and only allow myself to play a little bit.

11. Romance
Or to put it bluntly Sex, but It doesn’t have to be sex, it could just be spending time with a love one, there is nothing wrong with cuddles on the couch while watching a Movie.

10.Have Company
Unlike Number 11, you could hang out and spend time with a friend there are times where I prefer to be on my own but sometimes It’s just nice to talk to a friend, call up a friend, video chat or if you can (In my area we are in Covid-19 Iso) go and visit them. Whether your friend can provide a distraction or they help you to ‘hug it out’ shifting your focus with the help of a friend or loved one, can really help to reduce stress of a long day

12. Drink Tea
I’m no tea expert, although I love drinking tea. I find drinking tea, to be calming and relaxing, no matter what time of day, no matter the weather it’s always the perfect time for tea some of my favorite teas are Chamomile, Peppermint.

Want more ways to relax and unwind check out my post here
Did I miss anything what are ways that you relax after a long day?