Back in January 2019 I wrote a blog post with 10 facts about me
Today for day two for the 30 blogs in 30 days challenge, I decided to give you for facts about me yay because I know that you asked for it.

1. I can’t cook – I wish I could, although the idea of being in the kitchen for hours watching something cook or boil, just sounds boring to me, I know I need to learn though.
2. I’ve been a fan of Delta Goodrem since 2002. If you have never heard of Delta you are missing out, be sure to check her out on spotify
3. I love photography
4. I’ve met British Royalty
5. I have a few nicknames, MJ, Meegs, M&Ms
6. I hate horror, thriller, gore movies. Give me a feel good, comedy anyday
7. My favourite season is Summer
8. My favourite holiday is Christmas
9. Apple is my favourite technology brand
10. I set my alarms at extremely random times, so If I have to wake up around 7am, I’ll set my alarm for either 6:57am or 7:01am, very weird and random I know.