Thursdays are for throwbacks…. aren’t they?

Today I am throwing it back to the footy, otherwise known as the AFL or Aussie Rules, Aussie Rules Football. I live in Victoria and sadly we can’t go to any football games here, because well they aren’t allowed to play here because there are too many covid cases here

We are lucky we can still watch it on TV but it’s just not the same, I thought I would share some photos, the team I go for is the Geelong Cats.

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3 4

I miss the footy, the crowds, the atmosphere, the entertainment of it all. So strange seeing footage from the past (well only 12 months ago) and seeing a stadium full of fans, people walking around everywhere with no mask on not a care in the world, not knowing what the future has install for us. I look at these photos and wish that things will go back to normal, but what is normal anyway, I hope that one day we could all go to a concert, football game and not have to worry.