Today is my first day off in what feels like weeks, has anyone noticed how the days and weeks kinda just merge into one? I don’t know maybe that’s just me. I am happy just to have a day off and relax. It’s a little strange me saying that because where I live in Victoria, Australia we are in Stage 3/4 lock down but that depends where you live but pretty much you can’t leave your home unless you are getting essentials, but I am still lucky that I’m still working so life seems a little bit more “normal” to me.

Today’s Motto“Today is going to be an amazing day.”
6:30am – Wake up, I didn’t bother to set an alarm, because it’s just getting brighter in the morning now.
7:00am – Got out of bed, spent all that time, on my phone.
7:15am – COFFEE. I had just had some instant coffee with some almond milk.
7:30am – I got on my computer and checked Emails, Youtube, Instagram, twitter.
7:50am – Started working on my blog posts, coming up with ideas, plan when to post, research as well
9:00am – Went out to go get groceries
11:00am – More coffee
11:15am – Watching the press conference with Victorian Premier Dan Andrews (we are getting closer and closer to the ease of restrictions… yay)
12:00pm – Back to blogging and researching
1:00pm – Lunch Time
1:30pm – The Weather was nice so I went for a walk
2:30pm – Binge Watch the Kardashians
5:00pm – Catch up on a few podcasts
6:00pm – Cook dinner / catch up on News
7:00pm – Finish up writing blog posts ( I don’t usually work on my blog this late, but that’s what happens when I binge watch the Kardashians)
8:00pm – Unwind, shower, get my clothes ready for work tomorrow, have a cup of tea
8:45pm – Get ready for bed
9:30pm – Bed Time

That’s it, that’s my day, I don’t do this everyday. Over all I think today was a mix of being productive and chill.