It’s the 1st of September and it’s officially Day 1 of the blogging challenge. Yay. I was trying to decide what to talk about in my first post for this month, but then I thought, well I’m sure a lot of my readers may not know why I started blogging and how long I have been blogging for.

Well, I can’t remember when I started blogging, it’s been at least 10 years, but I made the decision back in 2014 to start blogging a lot more seriously, I even bought myself a domain but unfortunately that didn’t inspire me to write everyday.
I started blogging because I’ve always enjoyed writing, and taking photos and I thought why not share that also I use to read a lot of blogs and seeing them share their life, I thought hey I could do that to, also I see so many people earning so much money from blogging and I thought, ooh that looks fancy (by the way, that’s a horrible reason to start blogging, you’ll end up disappointed)

I hope that gives you a little insight as to why I started blogging, feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below or feel free to ask me on my socials