Friday Night Football.


Last night, my dad and my two cousins went to the football last night.
We watched Geelong Cats VS Carlton blues. I barrack for Geelong, so does my dad and my two cousins

I’m a huge fan of the AFL (Australian football league, also known as Australian Rules Football)

It was a very close game we won by 6 points. We were pretty lucky actually, because we sucked at kicking goals lat night. Even our top goal kicker failed to score a goal he did kick three behinds (which is one point, one goal is worth six points)

We had pretty good seats too, when I was buying tickets online I could only buy general admission, which is cheaper than other tickets but it doesn’t guarantee you a seat so you have to get there really early otherwise you won’t get a good seat.

All and all it was a good night, I didn’t get home till midnight.

Do you enjoy watching football or any other type of sport? If so, what team do you cheer for?


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