My bad

I am horrible. I really am, I keep forgetting about this blog. To all those people who read this blog (I’m sure I can count them on my finger) I am sorry,

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with ideas for blog posts, there are times where I feel that I should be m.i.a then having a blog post and all it says is “hi”

One of my new years resolutions is to explore the world a little more, I’m almost 23 I haven’t really traveled much. I did go to Queensland last month, but it wasn’t very long trip though. I figured if I travel and explore the world more I would have more things to write about.

Do any other bloggers out there find it hard to come up with topics to write about. I need to sit down, with pen and paper and dot down ideas. I don’t want to have a blog where I post once a month and the post is just saying sorry I have been away because I have been busy or I have nothing to write about

I’m sorry I’ll be better at blogging

Until next time.


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