30 day blog challenge: My Day In Detail

I kinda picked a bad day to do a “my day in detail” kind of post but hey here it goes.

I went to bed at 3am, which was a very bad idea btw, but my boyfriend ended up crashing the night and he likes staying up very late, so we ended up hanging out watching movies. I ended up waking up at 9am, when I woke up I felt like crap. I felt as if I didn’t get enough sleep and I know that if I go to bed, and keep sleeping I feel even worse. I got my phone and checked facebook, Instagram, Twitter (it’s like reading the daily newspaper). After that I laid in my bed for a little bit so very temped to go back to sleep but I didn’t though

About half an hour or so I got out of bed and made myself a cup of tea. As the kettle was boiling I looked outside to find that it was raining I stated to freak out because I had washing on the line, thank goodness my washing was just a damp so I just hung out on a indoor clothes line

I went back to my room andwent into my computer, checked facebook again ( I really do have a problem) went on YouTube for a bit. Then decided to play sims while catching up on a podcast

At this point it’s 10am and my boyfriend is still sleeping next to me, that’s the sucky thing I always wake up early he likes to sleep in. So I am so bored out of mind that I decided to play Sims. I’m a sims 3 type of person, I tried playing sims 4 but wasn’t a fan.

Finally my boyfriend finally woke up at 11:30 lazy bones lol.  We chilled out doing our own things on our computers

At about 1:30 we headed out to get some lunch, we ended up getting Maccas , I ordered a Big Mac


I haven’t been to McDonald’s in a while, as I walked into the restraint they had these machines and you could create your own burger, ans pay for it on the spot instead of waiting in line.

I thought it was pretty cool I couldn’t of ordered a “McMegan” nice name for a burger isn’t it? I hate how everything is hi tech in Maccas now, even the menu boards were Televisions

After we finished our lunch we went to cash converters (kinda like a pawn shop) and then went to savers to look around, we didn’t purchase anything though. We got back just before 3, now we are chilling out again (we are an exciting couple aren’t we?)

Around 6pm myself, my boyfriend and parents had dinner and then my boyfriend and I  watched a movie and then he left just before 9pm, now I’m off to sleep because I have to wake up at 5am for work oh the joy. Hopefully you are still reading this and haven’t falling a sleep.

Goodnight everyone

Until next time….


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