5 Places I Want to visit


(*photo credit: Vathy, Ithaca island, Greece via photopin (license))

I’ve always been fascinated by travelling but sadly it can cost so much to travel, plane tickets, accommodation etc.

I still dream to travel to many places not only around Australia but around the around and here are 5 places I’d love to travel to

These aren’t in particular order

1. New York City


(*photo credit: Statue of Liberty view from Battery Park, Manhattan via photopin (license))

I love New York City, it’s such a beautiful city. I’ve been wanting to go to NYC since I was about 16 maybe 17 years old. I even have canvases of New York City.

2. Sydney


(*photo credit: Sydney June 2014 via photopin (license))

Whenever you think of Australa you think of Sydney… right? Most people I speak to overseas think Sydney is the capital of Australia, well it’s not incase you thought it was. I think Sydney is such a pretty city, I’d love to visit one day.

3. New Zealand (no place in partcular)


New Zealand looks like such a beautiful place. When I was a little kid, my dream was to travel to New Zeland, and It’s still a place I really want to visit one day.

4. Paris


(*photo credit: Foggy Morning via photopin (license))

Of course this has to be on my list. Paris. Wow, what a city. But before I travel to France I do want to learn French first

5. Bora Bora


(*photo credit: IMG_3440 via photopin (license))

Do I really need to explain. I can’t believe places like this even excisit. How beautiful is this place?

What places would you like to visit.

Better start saving some money

Until next time…..


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