5 Celebrity Crushes

This was such a difficult blog post to write, I’ve been doing lots of research (I had lots of fun) but I’ve narrowed it down to 5 of the hottest celebrity guys.

If you want to know who my crushes are keep on reading

1. Chris Hemsworth

Chris-Hemsworth-image-chris-hemsworth-36262566-1200-1600 Chris-Hemsworth

Chris got his big break on Home and Away he played Kim Hyde back in 2005 and left the show in 2007, most of world knows him as Thor

2. Nic Westaway

soaps-home-and-away-nic-westaway-kyle-braxton NickW1

Now if you aren’t an Aussie you may have no idea who this guy is. Nic is an Australian actor he’s currently playing Kyle Braxton called Home and Away. (yep another H&A hottie)  I definitely recommend checking him out 😛

3. Jim Parsons


I call Jim my “future husband” sadly we won’t ever get married though. When I tell people I have a crush on Jim Parsons they find it weird and say “Ewww Sheldon looks like a bug” (no joke people really do say that to me) but I say to them “I think Jim is cute, not Sheldon, they are two different people”

4. Channing Tatum

channingtatum Channing-Tatum-Codirect-YA-Adaptation

Three words “Magic Mike Movie” wowza… Not only is he a hottie, but he’s a good actor too in both Comedy and Action movies

5. Leonardo DiCaprio.

1393024357_167860655_leonardo-dicaprio-467 download (1)

Do I really need to explain why I love him… he’s just ahhhh perfection. He was hot back in the 90’s and he’s even hotter now.

Who are your celebrity crushes?

Until next time


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