April Bellabox 2015

 A few days ago, I finally got my bellabox parcel. Lately I’ve been quite fed up because they use to send out the parcels in the middle of the month but apparently they have been having shipping issues and now most customers don’t get them till the end of the month.

About a month or two ago they decided to charge for shipping, which a lot Of people are really annoyed about its only $2.95 but still. I wasn’t going to get charged till June because I’ve been a member for 2 years. Only the new member will be charged extra at this time

 I was so excited to get my bellabox. I love getting mail, so I got my letter opener and opened the box and went through all the goodies inside let me tell you they were not goodies (in my opinion anyway)

Now most of these products I’ve already tried with bellabox, or I have already gone out of my way and purchased these products

*(Sorry if you can’t see what the card says)

This looks like a pretty good product, but I have no interest in tanning. I’m sorry this isn’t on the info card so I can’t tell you much about it like price and where you can buy it.

I think this would be the only product that I would like to try the Swisse bio active bio oil because it says it’s helps with a scars and stretch marks.

It’s retailed for AU$15.95  and it’s available at Woolworths 

Aftercare ding the card I might give this product a try , it says it will repair and moisturise the skin after shaving.

50ml RRP $15.95 Priceline  

I don’t know anyone who had this in their bellabox.  It’s this Anti ageing stuff. I won’t use this, to be honest I have no idea why it’s in my bellabox .

23ml RRP $44.95 akin.com.au

I already own this product. It’s pretty good. I wasn’t too excited to see it in my bellabox this month only cos I own this product

10g. RRP $39.95 available at nudebynature.com.au, Myer and Priceline 

I love this product, the only sad thing is that a few months ago original source was included in the bellabox I can’t remember the exact size but it was a decent sample size and now they have a sachet. Seems silly.

250ml RRP $3.99 avaiable at Coles and Woolworths 

On the card info it says “This shampoo and conditioner will help maintain, strengthen and soften your hair for maximum shine.”  I would most likely try this product but I have long thick hair so it wont even cover half my hair, so I might give it to a friend that has shorter hair.

300ml shampoo RRP $27.95 and 300ml conditioner RRP $27.95 available at Price Attack and Hairhouse Wearhouse 
Now sadly this was my last bellabox. I had canceled my bellabox. Maybe  one day I will renew my subscription but not anytime soon.
Do you guys have bellabox? What did you think if this months bellabox? Let me know in the comments below

Until next time.


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