Spring has Sprung

So today is the second of September which means no more winter because it’s officially Spring.
I love the warmer weather, I love being outside in the sun. I do love being inside sitting in front of the heater and watching movies, but the sun just makes me so happy.

For those who don’t really read this blog, I live in a city called Melbourne, now we are very well known for a lot of things, the one thing I guess people who visit Melbourne don’t know is that, we can have four seasons in day. So pretty much that means that it can rain early in the morning and by the afternoon it could be so sunny and warm and vise versa. It can be tricky to decide what to wear and also it’s to decide whether to bring an umbrella or not.

What is your favourite season?

Until next time

(photo credit: Tulips at Flower Dome via photopin (license))


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