Just a few thoughts..

Do you ever get tired, so sick and tired, of everything and everyone…. I am

I feel like I’m under so much pressure to be everything they want me to be. It makes me wonder why someone would pressure on another person? It’s not like it’s their life of course you want your friends and family to do well but there’s no need to tell them what to do, if they are happy and doing their thing and they aren’t hurting anyone in the process then why should it concern you?

I’m just so tired, I barely get any sleep, I feel so tired and drained, I don’t feel happy, I feel like I need a break from it all, but even if I take a break for a few days or even weeks those problems and issues will be there when I come back.

I never used to be a stressful person, of course I would time to time I am human after all but now it just seems like it happens constantly.

Does anyone have any tips on being less stressed?

Please let me know.



Until next time






2 thoughts on “Just a few thoughts..

  1. I’m not sure about tips but some things that help for me is to put everything into perspective and look at the bigger picture. Find out what really matters. I would also consider talking to whoever is putting pressure on you and tell them how you feel. And lastly, yoga and meditation does wonders for calming my brain. Sending love x

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