Unfollowing people on Social Media


I have a love/hate relationship with social media. One hand it’s amazing, you get to connect to people anywhere in the world in a second and to get to share photos, videos and other information with people anywhere in the world, sadly people abuse that and use social media to back stab people, bully people, post hate and show off their “glamours” life when in reality, they are just sitting in their room wearing sweats and eating snacks

I can admit, I do have an addiction to social media, not as much now. I use to be on facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr all day everyday, now I’m on it once or twice a day. I’m slowing deleting accounts, deleting people off my social media contacts, it’s just a negative environment, I don’t want to be in anymore.

A few years ago, I dated a guy for 3 years and after that break up, it really hurt me and I felt so lonely that I went on social media to see what others are doing thinking it would make me feel better if I saw people happy it would make me happy but it did the complete opposite, I started to feel like shit, and then one day I just thought to myself why do I have 300 “friends” on facebook when I only talk to about 10-20 of them on a daily/weekly basis, so instead of deleting them all I just created a new facebook and start fresh, I had messages from people I went to high school with asking me why I deleted them off facebook and they wanted me to add them again and I thought why? I’m just going to be another random on your list, I honestly don’t care what they post and I’m sure they don’t care what I post either.


So now on my facebook I have 71 friends and I’m happy with it, I don’t need 3 million friends on social media to feel important or feel popular.

I still need to do the same thing with twitter and instagram, I don’t want to complain in this post but seriously it seems like people just complain on twitter and instagram is the place to brag about how “perfect” their life is which it really isn’t. I really don’t understand why people get annoyed when you unfollow them on social media, think about it you don’t know them personally and most likely you will never ever seen them in your life. I would get upset if I knew that person and they unfollowed me because I actually know them and it would get awkward if the conversation ever came up.

I know we follow people for a reason whether we think they are funny or they post great tips and tricks, but down the track many years later instead of posting funny things or tips and tricks they end up posting spam or their content isn’t as great as it use to be, it’s ok to unfollow, mute, unfriend them, hide their posts, don’t ever feel bad, You choose what you want you want to look and not look at.I know a few people who unfollowed everyone then selectively followed people again. If it helps to start afresh, then do. You shouldn’t follow someone just to be nice or polite. I should really do that, but I feel guilty sometimes, when I know I shouldn’t


Until next time.

(photo credit: Automotive Social Media Marketing via photopin (license))


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