Facebook Pet Peeves


I do love facebook, It’s a great way to connect with your friends and family from all over the world and see what kind of adventures they are on. I personally don’t post a lot maybe once a week, I don’t post many photos either.

I stumbled across a blog post about Facebook and how you shouldn’t take it so seriously, come on we have all posted something that wasn’t exactly true, and we have been exaggerating a little just to get comments or likes.

So today, I decided to write a post on Facebook Pet Peeves

Alternating between two profile pictures every 2 hours

Nothing says “OMG, like my pictures and status, I’m so desperate for likes” then changing your profile picture ten  million times a day. You know those  people that have just two pictures and switch between every hour or so. I don’t have a lot of friends on facebook, so If I see someone changing their profile picture all day ecveryday, I won’t see anything else.

I must be a boring person, I had a profile picture up for over a year, I recently changed, I don’t see the need to change your profile picture everyday, you looked the same yesterday, are people that bored of themselves that they change their profile everyday

People who post illegal things on Facebook

I once had a friend who lived with a bunch of people and she found drugs in the house and went to facebook to try and figure out what to do, she even posted a photo as well. I’ve had friends on facebook who have posted videos and photos of them smoking Cannabis. Why, why why would people do that? It’s just something I don’t get and I don’t think they do either, because they can get into a lot of trouble

“Share or like if your care, ignore if your heartless”

I can’t stand these. Usually on Facebook someone will post a photo of a child who is sick in hospital with a caption that says “Like/Share if you care about this sick innocent child, Ignore if you’re heartless and will go to hell” or anything to do with ‘If I get 1000000000 likes, I’ll donate 1 million dollars to Charity’ Ha yeah they won’t do that, they don’t care they just want followers and likes, they would of just stolen that photo and pretend its their photo.


People who use Facebook to seek medical advice

This is one thing  I just don’t understand, why would anyone use the internet for Medical Advice, unless you know someone on your Facebook friends list who is a doctor, but if you did you would at least call them or visit them in person, right?


What is your biggest Facebook pet peeve? Even if It’s not Facebook, whether its Twitter or even Instagram, feel free to comment below


Until next time


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