7 Months

I meant to write this a month ago, but I just couldn’t. Even writing this now is bringing back so many emotions

I really don’t know where to start, so I’ll begin. My mother passed away on this day 7 months ago, so back in September of last year. My mum got sick and passed away very quickly.

When anyone you know is sick you mentally prepare for the day when you hear the sad news but at the same time you never really prepared for it.

The month of September was a crazy one, I think about it time to time,  it’s still a bit of a blur as well. I remember a few weeks before I was meeting Delta Goodrem at a meet and greet then the following week being told that my mum was sick. I remember it was a Saturday, I had to go to work that right. I work at a supermarket and when I’m serving customers I have to speak to them say hello and ask them how their day so many customers were going “oh I had such a hard day today” even though they did nothing that day and I remember thinking to myself Oh if only I can tell me how my day really was, but I had to lie and say “My day was good”

For the next few weeks visiting mum in hospital, I had to take time off work because it just to stressful and I knew I couldn’t do a good job at work when my heart and mind is somewhere else. I hated seeing my mum the way she was. I wish I could of done something, but there was nothing I could really do.

On Monday morning I was getting ready to go food shopping when I got a call from my Dad telling me to come down to the hospital right now. I thinking a million things at once, I just wanted to get to toe hospital as quick as I could. My whole family was there even my mum’s brother who lives in the city, he got there just in time. Then she passed. It was peaceful, which all you can ever want for someone in that situation.

Ever since that day, It’s been one crazy roller coaster, at times I was in denial, thinking that this was a joke that she’s going to walk in that door any minute. It took me a really long time to a just to a new living situation, my mum was the one to cook dinner almost every night, now my Dad myself and my boyfriend all take turns, cooking, cleaning, going food shopping.

7 months on, I feel like I’m a completely different person than I was last year, I’ve finally opened my eyes and realised how fragile life really is and you shouldn’t take it for granted. I still take it day by day, one day I’m happy and in a great mood other days I’m sad, depressed and want my mum back, just so I can talk to her.  I know that no matter what, my mum is always with me. It makes me happy knowing her spirit is still with me.


Until next time.



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