Past Few Days

Hey guys sorry I haven’t posted in over a week. It’s been so crazy, right now I’m on a 2 week holiday from work and I’ve been trying to fill my days with fun activities, which I have, well not everyday, the past few days I’ve done some really fun things

IMG_2330On Thursday, my boyfriend and I went to the city to see a comedican called Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes he such a amazing comedian  I even got to meet him after the show. My boyfriend and I planned to stay the night in the city so we didn’t have to hurry for the last train home and that way we can just have a chilled day. Our hotel was amazing we stayed at a place called “Oaks” we had never stayed before but we will definitely be staying there again.

We came back home on Friday and just had a chilled day. We were so tried we had a long day Thursday.





On Saturday my dad and I went to the city to watch an AFL game (Australian Football League) we saw Essendon and Geelong (that’s my team), we ended up winning by 30 points, even though we won, I was a little disappointed with the game, it wasn’t too exciting, it was a very low scoring game, and I believe that Geelong could of played better.

Later that night my boyfriend and I had another date night, we went out to McDonald’s because it’s a little bit fancy (ha lame thing to say I know). Later that night we went bowling, we were told by a guy who worked there that we had to wait 2 hours for a lane, but the funny thing is that only 5 lanes we taken out of 22 lanes that were there, we were told they were all booked yet. We ended up staying there for 2 hours they had a little arcade there so we played some games to kill time we finally got a lane just after 9pm, we were then told it was only going to cost us $10 each compared to $19.50 they usually charge for, so maybe it was a good idea to wait till after 9.

Now I’m sure you are wondering how I went huh…. well…. I suck. I’m the worst at bowling, but I like to play to have fun, not play to win. In the two games we played I didn’t even get a strike, I was close a couple of times, my boyfriend got 5. After we finished playing, we ended up going home, because sadly there isn’t much to do around the after 10pm.


Sunday and Monday have been more quiet, I haven’t done much, just clean and organise my room it’s such a pain, but It has to be done.

What have you guys been up to?

Until next time



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