Meeting Delta Goodrem

If you have been reading my blog for years you would know that I’m a massive fan of Delta’s

They say don’t meet your idol, because you’ll be disappointed. I’ve been lucky I have never been disappointed not once I’ve met her   Five times, the first time was back in 2012 a friend from Twitter invited me to a meet and greet she preformed 2 songs and we got a photo together

Three years later I met her again, I was invited to another met and greet this time, it was a group of Delta fans. Delta was in the middle of rehearsing for Cats The Musical, she didn’t perform her new song at the time, we had a chat and got her cd signed and got a photo taken.

A week later Delta I got to meet her again at a in store appearance for her single “Wings” this is the first time I had met Delta at Instore, it was so excited I waited almost 6 hours but in the end it was totally worth it.


A few months later Delta made her theater debut she played Grizabella in Cats The Musical, I saw the show just after Christmas I got to meet her after the show, she has remembered me from the previous times (she has a really good memory)

A few months on to late April, Delta had another In store to promote her upcoming song “Dear Life”and I got to meet her again and got my CD signed we had a quick chat, she noticed that I cut my hair, when I saw her last December, I had really long hair and only recently I cut my hair really short and she noticed she said she really liked it which really put a smile on my Facebook, I then gave her another quick hug and said goodbye

She always puts a smile on my face . When I try and explain why I love Delta so much people don’t undersand. The best why I can explain it is think of something you are a fan of a or are obsessed with, whether it can be really cool or very dorky, but at the end of the day you are proud of it and you are happy doing it no matter what, that’s the best way to describe it. That may sound lame, but the people who make fun of me for liking a celebrity are lame
Have you met anyone famous? Comment down below.
Until next time.


One thought on “Meeting Delta Goodrem

  1. Omg lucky! I’m also a huge Delta fan, however I have only met her once which was at her ‘wings’ performance at Westfield Knox 💗💗💗💗💗

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