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My boyfriend and I had a date night on Friday. We haven’t really gone out in a while so it was nice spending quality time with him outside of the house.

We decided to go to Crown in Melbourne it’s really the only place that we go to, it has everything so many restaurants, clubs, bars, casino, and heaps of other entertainment, plus it never closes.

We went to Galatic Circus it’s a indoor arcade place that also has bowling and laser tag, we just played the arcade games, we ended up getting over 400 tickets that night, all up we have over 4000 tickets which doesn’t seem like much compared to how much we have spent there but it’s a lot of fun.

After about an hour or so we left Galatic Circus and headed up to the cinemas to watch Bad Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising starring Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, Zac Efron. It was a very funny film, I usually don’t have high expectations for sequels because usually they aren’t that great but I really enjoyed this one, I would give away that happens, but if you have seen the first one I’m sure you’ll have a idea on how it ends.

After the movie ended we decided to go get some dinner and went to the pokies I actually won a little bit of money, but only enough to buy a small meal at McDonald’s. We had so much fun that night we actually didn’t get home till 2am.

I was so tired but very awake at the same time, I didn’t get to sleep till about 3am and I only had a few hours of sleep, I felt so tired and drained the next day I did absolutely nothing all day, I just had no energy to do anything

The next day, Sunday we went back into the city to watch an AFL (Australian Football League) we watch Essendon and St Kilda play, my boyfriend goes for Essendon so I thought I would be a good girlfriend and change teams for the day (I go for a team called Geelong)

It was a pretty good first half, but the second half just went down hill and Essendon lost by almost 50 points.  Sadly Essendon is second last on the ladder and have only won one game out of nine.

Next week we will be going to watch Geelong and Carlton play next Sunday, hopefully we do better next week.


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