Finding Confidence

For so long, I’ve never had any confidence, for most of my whole life, I’ve been “chubby”, “fat” “overweight” “obese” “busty” (how ever you want to call it) kind of girl and today I did something I never thought I would do. I went to the local pool and wore a bikini, I never ever, ever thought I would ever wear one, I always told myself, I wouldn’t wear a bikini unless I was skinny.

When I was at Kmart yesterday looking for new bathers, went to the “plus size” section where all the one piece, bathers are and my boyfriend suggested these ones*

* not exact pattern but it’s the design they just didn’t have the ones I have online)

At first I kinda laughed a little… Me in a bikini hahahahaha… but then he told me how beautiful I would look so I decided to buy them, I didn’t know what I was thinking but I trusted what my boyfriend was saying.

I went home to try it on I started to cry I never thought in my whole life I would be able to wear a bikini after a few moments my boyfriend came in and he was speechless, he told me how beautiful I was and how proud I was, it took me a lot of courage to put on a bikini.

Today my boyfriend and I went to our local pool and I was wearing my bikini, I was really scared that everyone would laugh at me, but I just decided I didn’t care, I really liked it, and so did my boyfriend I ended up having a lot of fun.

I am so glad I had the courage to wear it. I’ve been told that I shouldn’t wear this or what because I am not pretty or skinny but maybe it’s because I am getting older, but I if I want to wear a certain outfit, dress a certain way I will, why should I care what people think, they are strangers I will never see again.


If you are interested in buying the bikini I purchased here is the link (Top) (Bottoms)

I’m not being spondered by Kmart. I wish I was haha, I love that place so much

Until next time


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