It’s been two years

Today makes 2 years today since my Mum passed away.

A few people have asked me how I am since its been 2 years already, you think it would be easy to answer that question but it’s a little more complicated than that my answer changes everyday some days I fine I don’t think about her and other days I am sad and I all I do is think about her.

Today I woke up this morning I felt a little numb, I didn’t really know how I was suppose to feel today if I should feel happy or sad, treat this like any other day or spend the day reflecting thinking about all the happy memories with my Mum

I decided to think about all the good times we had, but of course my mind went to the last two weeks of her life. She was diagnosed with cancer and then two weeks she passed away, it was the longest and the one of the craziest two weeks of my life. One minute everything is fine next thing I was trying to prepare myself to say goodbye to her it was a very crazy time. After thinking about when she passed I just started to cry and I knew that today is going to be a up and down day, right now as I am writing this post. I’m trying to hold back tears.

I miss her so much and I always will




Here as a poem I found that was quite sweet

Until next time

sign off meganxo_v2



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