Happy Australia Day

Happy Australia Day everyone, I hope everyone has had a wonderful day

I had to work today,  I’m currently having a quiet night at home unfortunately  the weather isn’t that great and I planned to go to the beach. Theres storms, lots of thunder and lightening.

How did you spend your Australia Day?


Until next time

sign off meganxo_v2


Hello 2018 | New Years Resolutions + What’s in store for itsmeganjay


Hello everyone Happy New Year. Can you believe that its 2018 already?

I’ve spent the last few months going through a few things and every time i wanted to write about it but then i thought would anyone be interested in reading this? So i decided not to write about it. Then time and time went on and now its mid January 2018.

So what has been happening since i last blogged well…..

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