I can’t ever decide on a design

After almost 3 years of owning this blog, I finally decided to upgrade my blog, with this new upgrade I can upload any theme I want I thought to myself great this is awesome I can make my blog unique as possible, I never realised how difficult it was to pick a theme. There are so many great designs, I can’t ever choose. If you ever visit my blog daily you would of seen all the theme changes (sorry if it’s annoyed you) I just can’t pick a theme.

I finally found a theme I really like, I hope this one sticks.

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I finally posted my first vlog

After SO MANY years of debating whether i should post a vlog on youtube, i finally did i. I have actually recorded so many vlogs in the past, but I never posted them because I thought they looked stupid, but yesterday I thought why not.

It doesn’t have many views, which doesn’t bother me the only thing that sucks is that after not even 5 minutes after it was posted it already had a dislike, If someone didn’t like the video they could of just clicked on the exit button, oh well I suppose, I can’t wait to make more videos, the only problem is that I don’t have a great camera to make vlogs on, does anyone recommend any great vlogging cameras? Please let me know in the comments below

If you want to check out the video click here


Until next time

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